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About Us
We are a complete auto and truck service facility.
At this same location since 1977,offering 1 stop
repairs for just about anything mechanical including
foreign-domestic,truck,light-medium tractor,skid loader,
mixers,lawnmowers,backhoes,saws,and most construction
equipment repairs.Also complete collision repairs,auto
glass and interior work.We also have our own in-house
machine shop.We can perform various testings of mechanical
parts,welding,fabrication and complete electrical service
and diagnostics.We have more equipment and tooling
than dealerships,bodyshops,procares,pepboys,muffler
shops,k-marts etc. and at one of the lowest labor rates
in the area.
The next time you need service,ask your serviceperson
his labor rate.You may be surprised.At the time of this
printing we charge $45. per f/r hour for most services.
Check out our products and services and give us a call for
personalized service.Unlike the big boys,we do not sell
milk,donuts or offer free coffee,but we do sell gas
and fix alot of cars,trucks and equipment 7 days a week!